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Do you feel that your relationship is on the rocks? Perhaps you've got issues surrounding child access, residency, adoption or similar matters. In these difficult and emotional circumstances, it's essential to use a divorce lawyer that has the sensitivity and empathy to work constructively with your case at the same time as providing the support you need to get through what is almost inevitably a stressful time. We work with a wide range of clients, giving them the legal counsel they need to maximize the chances of obtaining an outcome that's right for them.

Sensitive Handling of Child Support Matters

One of the most contentious subjects when it comes to the well-being of children when a relationship breaks down relates to child support. Whether it's the case that one partner isn't paying enough, or that the other partner is demanding too much, child support can be a highly charged and extremely difficult issue to resolve successfully. Regardless of whether you're being chased for child support or are the party that's requesting it, we can work with you to reach a reasonable, fair solution that provides a win-win answer.

We Can Help With Cases Involving Guardianships Along with Custody and Visitation

In addition to run-of-the-mill divorce and family matters, we also have the depth and breadth of legal knowledge needed to put together a strong case in guardianship and custody matters Even when a situation has been on-going for some time and you may feel that any sort of successful resolution is impossible, we can still often come up with some helpful options for you to pursue.

Customized Service from an Established Family Law Firm in Somerset County, NJ

If you're looking for competent, sympathetic and tactful legal support for a case involving family matters, we're here to help. To find out more about what we can offer, you can call us at (908) 375-8142. We are conveniently located for clients living or working in:

  • Plainfield
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  • Berkeley Heights
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  • Bridgewater
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  • Warren
  • Green Brook

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